I think I can, I know I can, I am amazing!

First of all I was inspired and encouraged by the creativity you all showed in picking a visual to help you on your path to Healthy Living- Awesome!

So last week we all worked on "Seeing Ourselves" to healthiness, and this week we will work on thinking ourselves to Healthiness. 

About 8 years ago I completed a marathon with my oldest daughter. Our goal was to finish and hurrah we did it! Funny thing is neither of us is really a runner, and we actually both went from not running at all to a marathon in just a few short months. 

And with all those months of training and all those hours and hours of running I actually never learned to love to run nor did I ever feel a runner's high. I just had it on my bucket list and wanted to prove something to myself by doing it

But one funny thing I learned while training was the power of my thoughts. I NEVER once wanted to do a training run. I would often find myself during the day thinking "Oh I'm so tired. I need to run 12 miles today. I don't want to do it. Oh I'm dreading it. Oh I wish I could skip it." And what I finally learned to do next was just silly. I would purposefully say to myself in my mind... "No actually I love to run. I can't wait until I get to run today. It's such a stress reliever. It's going to be awesome. When can I get to it? I just can't wait." And even though I didn't really think ANY of those things sincerely I would actually find my attitude improving by pretending to think them and methodically going through the thoughts in my head.

So what is this week's challenge?  To think some positive thoughts. I'd like you to go to 
and read Hillary Week's material on thinking positive. You may even want to purchase one of her inexpensive clickers to help you count your positive thoughts. I promise you are going to find great power in thinking positively.

And our specific challenge for the week is to Compose 5 positive statements about yourself and your healthy living, and read or recite them to yourself every morning and every night for the week. For every day you accomplish this you earn the 5 bonus points. 

And really ladies. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are a woman that honors your body and enjoys being physical and healthy. You exude energy and wellness and happiness. You are amazing!

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