Week #1 Set Up Your Support System

So  you've tried to live the healthy life style before but somehow you've suffered some slip ups. You let your busy life crowd out the exercise, you grabbed something quick to eat rather than taking time for a healthy snack, you let yourself get dehydrated, you grabbed a quick sugar fix to calm a troubled day.

So how are you going to do better this time? How are you going to finally make healthy habits part of your life forever?

To start with you are going to get some help and support!

I hope that you will begin to forge a true partnership with the lady you have picked to help you on this healthy journey. Make it a priority to inspire one another, encourage one another, assist one another.

Our 8 weeks of Healthy Living will sponsor a challenge every week. If you complete the challenge you can earn bonus challenge points (generally 5 points a day and 35 points a week) 

Our first challenge for Week 1 is to get your support set up. You must:
1. Set up an account on myfitnesspal.com 
2. Weigh and measure yourself and record the information on myfitnesspal.com 
3. Link up to at least 5 other ladies on myfitnesspal.com (you can glean e-mail addresses to invite them from our e-mail header) 
4. Contact your partner every day this week with some kind of encouragement. This can be a postcard, Hallmark card, text message, tweet, facebook hurrah, in person hug, phone call or carrier pigeon but you must make some contact each day this week. 

If you complete steps 1-3 you can claim 5 points per day every day this week for a total of 35 points for the weekly challenge. (Note if you miss a day of contacting your partner subtract 5 points) 

Good luck ladies!!

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