2014 Here We Come!

You don't have to begin your resolutions on January 1 to make positive changes this year. So now that your Christmas tree is Undecorated (it is isn't it?) and your decorations are packed away it's time to get moving with your goals for the new year. 

We're happy to have you aboard for our Winter Wellness Challenge. Here's what you need to do:
1. Read or re-read the Frequently Asked Questions and Rules tab on this blog
2. Weigh yourself and take your measurements and write them down in a  safe and secret place (NO you do not have to share them with me)
3. We will have a weekly challenge that will change each week. Check here on the blog a couple of days ahead to see what you need to prepare for the week's challenge. To earn the points for this week's challenge:
Join MyFitnessPal.com
Friend at least 5 people (you can use e-mail addresses from my e-mail headers to find new friends) on myfitnesspal.com
Make sure there is contact between you and your partner at least once per day this week (text, video, exercise together, e-mail, phone) Begin to build your partnership strength
4. Make sure you and your partner have e-mailed me your cell phone #, e-mail address and home address
5. Make payment by paypal (MomSandee@aol.com) or mail me a check at Sandee Spencer at 1290 Northridge Drive Longwood FL 32750. The cost is $5 per week so $40 due in advance. 

E-mail me with any questions or concerns 

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