Time To Dust Off The Exercise Bike

            We probably still have a bit of winter to suffer through before we get to spring and the "spring cleaning" it invites, but I AM going to send you into your attic, garage, overstuffed closet etc. for this week’s challenge.
            It seems our dreams and enthusiasm often get us started on a path of fun and exercise. We buy a treadmill, a mini-trampoline, a tennis racquet, swim goggles, a treadmill, road or exercise bike, jump rope, hula hoop, Wii exercise game, some hand weights, a yoga DVD, a softball and glove etc. etc.
            But somehow life and all it asks of us, so easily comes between us and the fun we’d like to have.  We meant to toss the ball with our kids or go for a ride on our bike or jump rope for a few minutes but we never seem to get around to it.
            You guessed it. This week’s fitness challenge requires you to get out some of your fitness toys and equipment and actually use it. You can use the same equipment every day or choose something different for each day of this week. I’m not even going to set a time requirement because so often all we need is something to get us started!
            So for every day this week that you use some kind of fitness equipment or tool (that you have NOT been regularly using)  you can claim the daily bonus points.
            And if you are one of those people that honestly has never purchased any fitness equipment check with friends and neighbors as I am sure they have something you can borrow. Or run down to Wal-Mart and invest in a jump rope. But keep moving ladies

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