Let The Games Begin!

Well ladies here we are again starting another healthy living competition. Some of you are new and may feel a bit overwhelmed at first by all of the things I will ask you to do and track daily. Others are back again for a little tune up and refocus on those things you know you need to do to live a healthier life.

So what must you do to begin?
1. Go to http://sandeehealthyliving.blogspot.com  and read the Rules tab and the FAQ tab (yes do this even if you have competed with me previously)
2. Enlist a female partner to participate with you on the challenge.
3. Sign up for MyFitnesspal.com (If you are new to the competition please friend at least 4 people on myfitnesspal  -- look at my e-mail headers if you need people to friend)
4. WEDNESDAY MORNING weigh yourself, and take your bust, waist and hip measurements. (Note I also like to measure my arms, abdomen and thighs just for my own info but these are not included in our competition) Write these down in a safe place and enter them on myfitnesspal under weigh in.
5. E-mail me with the contact info for you and your partner. I need your: E-mail address, Cell phone # and your home address
6. PayPal (MomSandee@aol.com) or Mail (1290 Northridge Drive Longwood FL 32750) me your $40 entry fee for the 8 week competition.
7. And our challenge for Week 1 (to earn the daily bonus points)  is to make daily contact (text, phone call, in person, smoke signal, carrier pigeon) your partner every day this week and encourage them to do all of the things listed on the blog! You can do it!
8. Borrow or purchase a pedometer. We will be using a pedometer specifically for one of our weekly challenges but for any week you can count 10,000 steps walked in a  day as your daily hour of exercise (even if you earned some of it cleaning your house or walking around your work place)
9. As always e-mail me with any questions.
10. I think I gave out an incorrect ending date. We will end on July 2

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