Study, inspiration and wiser choices

As you’ve probably noticed the field of nutrition and dietetics is constantly changing. Theories about whether eggs, butter, fat, wheat etc. are good for you seem to change constantly.  Even the food pyramid has been updated. These new findings and changes can be exciting. But it is often hard to know whom to believe with the many voices and conflicting claims.

Even so I think there is great value in studying and learning new things and trying new recipes and foods.

I think I have shared that some of my favorite food books are:
Food Rulesby Michael Pollan (easy read)
Original Fast Foods by James and Colleen Simmons
SuperfoodsRX by Steven Pratt
The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel
Mindless Eatingby Brian Wansink
Intuitive Eating (My dietician daughter’s top pick) by Evelyn Tribole
Salt Sugar Fat how the food giants hooked us by Michael Moss
The Omnivores dilemma by Michael Pollan

And here are a few of my favorite food blogs

And I’d like to add to those some of my favorite food films. All are available on Netflix streaming except Super Size Me which you can rent on Amazon for $2.99

Super Size Me
Food Inc.
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Forks Over Knives
Killer at Large

I hope that you will tread carefully in your healthy living studies. There is a lot of misinformation and non-information out there. I saw a recent talk show host questioning people as to whether they were trying to avoid “gluten” in their diets. Many responded that they were. Then the interviewer asked the follow up question “What is gluten?" Very very few knew.  Please don’t jump on a bandwagon without first doing your research. Look for quality research studies and the work of Medical doctors and licensed dieticians (note that the title nutritionist carries zero credentials).

For the most part we know that our bodies have the best chance to maintain their health if we eat fresh, whole foods. But in addition to that I think there is much to learn as far enhancing our healthfulness. Listen carefully to the signals your body is giving you. Note how you feel after eating various foods. I am allergic to garlic, almonds and eggs and was totally unaware of that for most of my life. I do not get my usual allergic symptoms (running nose, itchy throat) but instead get a general belly ache. I can’t believe I missed that symptom.

As we strive to make wise choices let’s listen to our bodies, seek further knowledge and even listen for the confirmation of the spirit to aid us in consuming those foods that will do the most to bless our health.  I believe we will be gifted with clear answers!

I took a class at Ed week from Chef Brad (the star of the BYU Fusion Grain television series) and he shared that he has actually stood in the grocery store aisle holding a food item in his hand and prayed about whether it would bless his body. I’m not necessarily advocating that-- but I do think we could do a better job of seeking information and revelation in making healthy choices.

And so your challenge for this week is to spend at least 10 minutes a day (and yes you can do all 70 minutes at once if you must) exploring some of these books, blogs or films (or other healthy eating themed writings) to increase your food knowledge. 70 minutes of study = 35 weekly challenge points.

Fun challenge ladies. Enjoy!!

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