Ready to Start Again?

Don't you find just the thought of January exciting? Time to bid farewell to the past year with it's blessings and challenges and turn the calendar to a new page full of invitations and opportunities. 

Healthy living is a wonderful foundation for accomplishing life's goals in a myriad of areas. You are just able to focus better and accomplish more when you are taking good care of your body.

Why not find someone that inspires and encourages you and enlist her to partner with you for our 8 week healthy living competition? 

For details read (or re-read) the FAX and RULES tab above and hop on for 2 months of healthy living. We would love to have you aboard! 

We begin our 8 week challenge January 7. In order to join us you need to:
1. Read the FAQ and RULES tabs of this blog
2. Find a (female) partner
3. E-mail me at with the contact info for you and your partner (e-mail address, cell phone #, snail mail address)
4. Mail me your $40 entry fee at Sandee Spencer 1290 Northridge Drive Longwood FL 32750 (or send it by paypal to 

Note: I spend $50 of the entry fee's as a little bonus to our tech expert. I also keep 10% of the entry fees as my own little reward for running the competition. ALL of the rest of the entry money is used for prize money for participants. I award prizes to the most outstanding duos, the most outstanding individuals and I have a separate category for any stand outs that have less than 10 pounds to lose but are stellar in forging healthy habits. 


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