Everyone Needs A Friend

I spent the last 3 weeks in Utah-- enjoying my first white Christmas in a cabin with my Mom, husband and children. It was sooooooo cold but so beautiful. 

Part of the fun time we had together included several trips to the Provo rec center. It is an incredibly huge, clean, fun, extensive work out facility that I so wish was in my community. It includes everything from rock climbing walls, a pool with a lazy river, water guns and a slide that goes out of the building and back in-- to a great indoor track and one of my favorite yoga classes of all time (the teacher spray lavender and peppermint on your feet at the end of class)

Twice when I was visiting the rec center with my daughter she MADE me go in the spinning class room with her (note the room was empty- class was NOT in session). I don't know about you but I'm a bit phobic about spinning. It just seems too over the top for nearly 60 year old me. 

Each time she led me through a short but intense (at least by my estimation) work out and I have to admit I did more than my share of grumbling. But at the end she pointed out that I had "done it". Her point was that although it was hard and although I might have felt like I didn't perform to the level of most of the people that take spinning classes I did give a good effort and get a good work out and I could "claim it." And really I CAN go to a real spinning class and give it a try.  Does that make sense?

Our challenge for the first week of this challenge is to be that type of healthy living partner. 
I challenge you to have contact with your partner daily and do something to encourage her to break out of her slump-- treat her body right, and honor her own health and well being. 

Please think about what kind of help and encouragement your partner needs and be creative. Yes you can send her encouraging messages on instagram, twitter, facebook, e-mail, voicemail, text message. But you can also write something encouraging in the snow, on a balloon, on a can of diet coke, on the chalkboard in Relief Society before class begins. You can drag her with you to do laps at the gym, to belly dance with a groupon, to eat a healthy salad at a new favorite place. 

Put some thought and heart into thinking about what will help your partner make some REAL and important changes in her life. Does she need you to buy her a water bottle and remind her to drink? Does she need you to drag her into an empty spinning room and prove to her that she can cycle? Does she need you to walk with her despite the freezing temperatures and show her you actually won't die if you exercise even in winter? 

For every day this week that you have encouraging contact with your healthy living partner you will earn the 5 bonus points. But you also must do at least one creative thing this week to help your partner with her healthy living journey. And I would love it if you share your creative encouragement ideas in the comment section of this blog or in an e-mail to me. 

Have a great Week #1. And don't forget to weigh and measure yourself tomorrow morning and record it in a safe place. 

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