Our Next Challenge- Plan First, Eat Next

I am sure you have had the following experience where you really planned on eating healthy all day.You planned to eat healthy but your day got away from you and you were running around like crazy and by the time you finally were in the vicinity of food you were starving and with your low blood sugar you made a poor choice and just inhaled what was there.

We are better able to choose wisely when we have time to ponder and plan. 

I mentioned to you that I recently attended a lecture by a woman that had lost 100 pounds in 8 months. One of the strategies she used was to plan every mouthful of food she was going to eat the day before. This is a strategy used often by my (ideal body weight) dietician daughter. She plans her meals and her snacks and if needed packs food and takes it along with her. You would be so surprised if you saw how fit and trim this girl is and the mountain of food she eats. How does she do it? She plans ahead to include healthy fresh whole foods and doesn't "fill up" on junk.

One easy way to do this is to use myfitnesspal.com You can go in the night before and enter all of the food you will eat the next day. Plan snacks as well as meals so that you don't get to that "low blood sugar and starving" point. 

I especially like doing this if I have plans to eat out. Menus are available on line ahead of time and although not all restaurants provide detailed nutritional information for their dishes it is possible to find something similar on myfitnesspal as you plan ahead. I rarely get to a restaurant without knowing ahead of time exactly what I'm going to eat. 

I realize this is not 100% possible. You might be invited to a friend's home for dinner or have a work luncheon where you to not pick the menu. Sometimes your only resort is to eat moderately what is provided. 

But this week for every day that you plan your meals and snacks ahead of time (when it is possible) you can claim the 5 bonus points. 

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