Week 2 Asking For Heavenly Help

I recently attended a lecture given by a Mormon woman that had recently lost 100 pounds over an 8 month period. She shared lots of tips and strategies but there was one I found especially interesting. SHE ENLISTED GOD'S HELP. She said she had a testimony that God desires to help us in all of our righteous endeavors and she felt strongly that changing her body to be healthier and more vibrant was a righteous cause. She said she upped her efforts in her religious habits such as giving service,  daily scripture study and especially personal prayer and she dedicate these efforts to God asking Him to bless her healthy efforts in return. She prayed for His strength in meeting her goals and she sought His inspiration. She said she prayed for strength and focus as well as about whether this food or that activity were "good for her goal" and she felt continued inspiration and assistance. 

So our Bonus Challenge for this week is to do something to enlist spiritual help in your healthy living efforts. Pray for strength, pray for inspiration, pray for the focus to accomplish what you desire. And I know you will accomplish more than you would on your own.

For each day that you do something to enlist spiritual help in your weight loss efforts you can claim the 5 bonus points! 

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