Sweet Summer Plans

I don't set a challenge this week as it is the end of our short 6 week competition. But I do actually want to suggest something. Why not make a plan? Summer plans can be more fun, more spontaneous, less rigid. But they can easily include a big bottle of ice water, a long walk on the beach, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. 

I don't know about you but for me if I stop recording what I have eaten on myfitnesspal and stop weighing myself I slip into taking terrible care for myself. It's not that I am savoring a special treat or enjoying a nice dinner out. It's that I'm eating garbage, neglecting my exercise and really just forgetting to honor my body.

So make some kind of plan for the rest of the summer. What habits that we do during this competition do you want to try to keep up with? What kind of tender care do you want to take of yourself!

I'll probably start up another challenge sometime in the fall. Until then keep honoring the wonderful body that you have been given and have a great summer!

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