This Week's Challenge- Have Fun

I just got back from a  week of camping with the teenage girls from church. Wow did we have fun! We did a ropes course (amazing), swam in the pool (water polo and flat out racing), canoed, did archery and played a really fun game called gaga ball. Along with all of this we walked all over the place. 

It was a great reminder of the delight of using your body to have fun. 

As you have competed in these challenges I hope that you have worked your way toward incorporating daily exercise into your constant routine. But admittedly sometimes we think of it as a chore to check off the daily to-do list.

Your challenge this week is to put the fun back into movement. Think back on what physical activity you enjoyed as a child. Did you skate, play marco polo, climb trees, swing on a swing? Did you like to play catch, kick a soccer ball, play tennis? 

For every day that you spend at least 10 minutes putting fun back into your daily exercise you will earn the daily challenge points. Have some fun ladies! 

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