Require more of your body

Last night my healthy eating challenge partner (Gail) and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour Concert in Orlando. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And it was inspiring. I felt myself making all kinds of promises about pushing myself harder in my personal fitness so my body could do more of what it was made to do. I invite you to Youtube some of their performances. It is incredible what grace and beauty you can display by moving your fit body!

So as reality hits me again and I focus on what direction I want to take in stepping up my fitness efforts I thought about push ups.

Several months ago I saw Michelle Obama on the Ellen show. They mentioned her "Let's move" campaign and invited her to compete with Ellen to see who could do the most push ups. I have to admit she is a pretty fit first lady but take a look. I think both Michelle and Ellen are in their 40's and these push ups are pretty impressive

Now you may be thinking (like me) that you can't do even one push up (even a bent knee girl push up) But I have a method for you to work up to it. Please take a minute and watch this video which teaches an easy path to being able to do a full push up. First you push against a wall and then when you can do 30 reps of that you progress to pushing off the kitchen counter and then when you can do 30 reps of that you being doing push ups against a stair just a bit lower than your kitchen counter. You work your way down the stairs (moving on when you can do 30 reps) until finally you can do full push ups on the floor.

Here's the you tube video I'd like you to watch.

That's right ladies. Even if you are only pushing against the wall our weekly challenge this week is to work each day toward doing 30 reps of push ups against something! 
And though I haven't probably stressed this enough I would hope you have realized that none of these challenges are going to make a big impact on your life time of fitness if you only do them for a week. I challenge you to consider carefully adopting many of these habits as things you want to continue for your whole life! 

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