2016- A Fresh New Start

I crossed paths with a neighbor last week while out walking my dog. I asked Andrew if he had set any New Year's resolutions and he replied "No... I don't make resolutions because I just always break them. I'm good...." 

His easy going attitude got me thinking. 

Of course we want to avoid being too hard on ourselves by setting up unrealistic expectations. No one likes failing. But it's a bit disturbing to me that so many people say "I always fall off the wagon with my resolutions so this year I'm not going to make any.  They are basically saying-I'm not going to attempt to do better at anything this year. I'm going to just sink to my status quo and mull along as poorly as usual." 

I must admit just like most people I didn't succeed at every goal I set every day in an amazing way last year. But because I did set goals and put some focus and effort into working on them I:
Ate healthier and moved more 
Learned some Spanish with Duolingo 
Watched some great Ted talks
Cleaned dozens of drawers and cupboards (no not ALL of them)
Trained my dog to do a few things (Yes he needs more work) 
Flossed more (hubby says only floss the teeth you want to keep)
Read more scriptures and Conference talks (Yes I missed days)
Journaled (missed more days than I wrote but recorded some awesome stuff)
Made some headway in organizing photos and videos (I have a mountain more to work on)

I guess my neighbor would say I didn't keep any of my resolutions because I didn't accomplish all I desired nor set any kind of perfect records in 2015. But I would respond that I did do more than I would have done had I not set out to improve. Does that make sense?

So I am glad to have you on board this January setting out to do more than you would do otherwise. You may miss some exercise days, you may eat sugar more than once a week, you might not eat all your fruits and veggies every day and you may not win a grand prize. But if you honor your body more than you would without joining us then it is a good thing to have you in our group.

Our challenge for week #1 is:
1. Join Myfitnesspal.com
2. If you have not done so friend at least 3 people on myfitnesspal.com
3. Read the FAQs and RULES tab of this blog
4. For the first week communicate with your partner DAILY (to earn the 5 daily bonus points) to encourage one another to forge the good habits we track on this challenge 

Happy New Year 

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