Yup Just Sit And Read

I’ve still got a cast on my right arm and I’m getting really tired of it! No I’m not developing patience! I’m just more clearly able to see I don’t have any!

I think I mentioned that until I’m back to my full typing power with both hands I was going to recycle past challenges.  So I was reading through some of them this afternoon looking for a good one.  Clean out the refrigerator? I can’t really do that.  Floss your teeth every day? No can’t really do that either!  Increase the intensity of your exercise? No I can’t do that either. (I’m lucky my doctors at least letting me walk in our day).

I was getting pretty discouraged with all the things that I can’t do when I remembered that one of the only things that has delighted me these past weeks is that I can still sit and read.  So guess what your challenge is going to be? Yup sitting and reading!

I wonder how many of you have discovered that on the myfitness pal.com site there’s a tab for BLOG.  And under the BLOG tab there’s a bunch of cool stuff to read.

I’m not sure about you but that I have found that the more knowledge I gain about health and nutrition the more inspired I am to improve my habits and to become a better steward over my physical body.

So that’s your challenge ladies.  I want you to read something healthfully inspiring every day this week.  And for each day you do so you can earn five bonus points. You can find some good articles to read on myfitnesspal.com’s blog,  I also recommend Nutrition Diva and Live Strong. Or if you’re up for a challenge you can read a chapter a day from one of my favorite healthful books Food Rules by Michael Pollan.  I would love if you share in the comments section of this blog the reference for anything great you read this week.  And see if you can start living something that you’re learning.  Have an awesome week!

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