Ending Post Spring 2016

Well ladies we are at the close of another round of Healthy Living Competition. Hopefully you have forged some new healthy habits. But do you know what? It's all up to you.

I have actually had healthy living participants that participated in several challenges and HELD THEIR PROGRESS BETWEEN COMPETITIONS! Hoodie Hoorah for them! Some have progressed to the point that they were joining us just to firm up their healthy habits but they had actually progressed to the "less than 10 pounds (or no pounds) to lose category!" And of course I have had others that did well on the competition but  as soon as we stopped counting and reporting they slipped back into their old habits and started each new challenge in the exact same place.

So ask yourself "What do I really want to do?" Do I want to take a break (until our next round of competition -sometime in the fall) from weighing myself and just let concern over my health fade into the background? Do I want to indulge myself daily with sugary treats, fast food, sodas, chips and goodies and not worry about it for awhile? Do I want to set aside exercise as just too time consuming for my busy life? Do I want to stop journaling and just trust myself to carry an awareness of how much food and what types I should eat daily? Do I want to skip the scale until September so as not to disappoint or worry myself?

Don't I really deserve a break from all of this. Aren't these habits RUINING my fun?

And of course the answer is up to you. What I do want you to do as your last challenge is really consider it. Don't let busyness and lack of attention to your health pull you back into bad habits. Take a few minutes and look over our reporting sheet. How do you want to live your summer? What habits to you want to keep, which habit do you want to amend a bit and which habits do you want to give up? Take stewardship over your health and well being and make your own plan. 

I'd love it if you want to e-mail me (or put a comment in the blog) what you have decided. I'm hoping to be in that group that starts our fall competition even closer to my personal goals for my health. I want to make progress during our break. I hope you will join me in that. 

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