Let's take a strong step toward healthy living

Hoorah we are at the start of wonderful things and I'm so excited!

I apologize again for being so pokey in writing the weekly challenge. I usually try to get them posted here by Sunday so you can prepare for the next week. Alas a hurricane and broken computer nearly did me in but here we are. To earn the daily/weekly bonus points this week you need to:
1. Weigh and measure yourself (the competition requires waist and hips measurements but I like to take bust, abdomen, thigh and arm as well) and put these secret numbers in a safe place. No you do NOT have to share them with me. You will weigh weekly and report your results weekly. You will take measurements at 4 and 8 weeks.
2. Join my fitnesspal.com and if you haven't already done so add 3 new friends (note you can find them in my e-mail headers)
3. Read or re-read the FAQ's and RULES tabs on the blog
4. Make sure I have ALL of your and your partner's contact info (cell phone #, e-mail address and snail mail address)
5. This week make sure you and your partner touch base with each other every day in some way. Work on encouraging each other daily in creative ways to get on track with healthy living.
6. I have a good friend that is joining us again for this round of competition and today she asked me "What are you going to eat on the challenge?" I know when you commit to getting on track with healthy living there are things you are going to cut out or cut way back on and that's a bit sad. But are there healthy foods you look forward to eating? To earn the bonus challenge points for this week (35 points for the week) put a comment on this blog with something healthy you are looking forward to enjoying while on this challenge. It can be a recipe or just an easy treat (like frozen grapes). I am hoping we can all benefit from lots of great ideas of healthy things to enjoy!

Now have an awesome week and next week check here around Sunday for our next week's challenge!

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