Week #1 Bonus Challenge - Being kind to yourself

Imagine you got a call from a life long friend. You haven't seen each other in many years but she is in town and wants to meet you for breakfast tomorrow morning at 7. You are so excited! You get to the agreed meeting place and wait quite awhile but she does not show up. You are so disappointed and worried that perhaps you misunderstood the meeting time or place. She calls later that day and apologizes for not showing up and makes plans to meet you the same time and same place tomorrow. Again you get up early, get ready and show up at the agreed time and place but again she doesn't show up. You are beginning to get kind of aggravated. Later that day you get another phone call and another apology. Can you please meet tomorrow morning? You agree that yes you can meet. But for a third time she stands you up! And what would you think? She is a flake. She cannot be counted on. She puts very little value on your time or your friendship. By the third time you would be ticked for sure. Surely you would never treat a friend so badly so you cannot understand her rude behavior toward you.

A similar story was shared by Brother Randall Wright at Brigham Young Universities recent Education Week. He went on to explain that while hopefully none of us would consider treating a friend as badly as in this imaginary story, we actually constantly mistreat a friend in this manner. Every time we vow to get up early to head to the gym, or promise ourselves to take a long walk, or vow to prepare a healthy snack or lunch to take to work and we neglect do follow through we let ourselves down.  By not following through on promises we make ourselves to pursue health and fitness we show a lack of value for our own well being.

If you are new to our healthy living competition I need to share with you that each week you will check this blog site (usually by Sunday evening) to read the weekly challenge for the following week. You generally earn 5 points per day for this challenge. 

 Your first weekly challenge includes the following:
 1. Join Myfitnesspal.com
2. Begin entering all you eat and drink each day into the program
3. Friend 3 people on the site 
4. Contact your Healthy Challenge Partner in some way each day and encourage them to follow the new guidelines 
5. Read the FAQ and RULES tabs on the blog 
6. E-mail me with any questions

Along with those things listed above please read the following quotes and spend some time really pondering your stewardship over your body and making your health and well being a priority. As you complete the list above as well as praying and pondering your stewardship over your personal health you will earn the daily 5 bonus points. 

Here's a few quotes that I hope serve as inspiration:

Russell M. Nelson "We will regard our body as a temple of our very own. We will not let it be desecrated or defaced in any way. We will control our diet and exercise for physical fitness."

Dr. Victor Cline "It is almost impossible to feel discouraged while keeping physically active."

Randall Wright "When I have the self-discipline to control myself physically, I feel the Spirit, and the things I should do become clearer to me. When I don't control the physical side, the Spirit leaves, and I am on my own." 

Brigham Young "Now brethren, can we fight against and subdue ourselves? That is the greatest difficulty we ever encountered, and the most arduous warfare we ever engaged in. " 

President Gordon B. Hinckley 
"Be strong-be strong in the discipline of self. How many otherwise good men squander their strength and dissipate their will and literally destroy their lives because they have not the power of self discipline" 

Elder Joe J. Christensen "It is easy to rationalize that we don't have time to exercise. Not so. Ultimately, our improved health through exercise will provide us more time and energy to accomplish other tasks. We can usually do about whatever we want to- if we want to badly enough" 

Steven R. Covey "Exercise doesn't take time it saves time. Still few occasionally do it" 

Richard G. Scott "Spiritual communication can be enhanced by good health practices. Exercise, reasonable amounts of sleep, and good eating habits increase our capacity to receive revelation... we can improve both the quality of our service and our well-being by making careful, appropriate choices." 

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