And so we begin!

Welcome to our healthy living competition ladies! We are excited to include a few new participants. 

Just to review a few housekeeping items:

1. Please check in on the blog weekly. Our bonus challenge for each week will be posted here. I try to get them written by Sunday in case you have to buy any supplies before we begin the challenge the following Wednesday. If you check and I haven't written it feel free to nag. I have been known to forget.

2. Some ladies have asked about our "10 pounds or less to lose category". This is for ladies that have 10 pounds or less to their goal weight. As you can imagine they can't really compete with straight points as they just don't have that many inches or pounds to lose. For the purpose we offer a separate category where inches and pounds are not counted into the competition points. If you are qualified for and interested in this category find the spot to mark that on our weekly report spread sheet under the tab REPORT.

3. We have a good size group of participants this round so you do not all fit on one google spread sheet. You will notice that on the bottom of the spread sheet (which is under the REPORT TAB on the blog) you can toggle between groups. It might be resting on your page one time and not the next time. If needed toggle to the page you are on. 

4. You will enter your first report a week from Wednesday after you have completed your first week of competition. 

5. Please let me know if you have any special circumstances (food allergy, travel, health problem, pregnancy or nursing etc.) and need an alternate challenge to our weekly challenge or other exception to our rules. I am happy to work something out for you. 

And just a reminder of this week's bonus challenge:

1. Join my fitnesspal and invite at least 3 people to your friend (I am on myfitnesspal as 

2. Do something every day (BE CREATIVE) to encourage your healthy living challenge partner OR any of your new friends on to do a great job at forging new healthy habits! 

* For every day you encourage someone to choose healthy habits you will earn the 5 bonus points for a possible 35 points for the week 

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