Bonus Challenge- Use Your Body To Do Good

Not sure if you can tell from the pictures of my yard but while we survived hurricane Irma with the house intact (so grateful) we are still limping along with generator power and have about 100 hours of yard work to do. It's hot and humid and I HATE HATE HATE YARD WORK. Honesty after about 5 hours of it today I broke down and cried. Hubby felt so bad for me that he put me in his truck (only chance for air conditioning) and let me ride down to see if his office has power so that he can reopen. (It did not)

Earlier this afternoon when I was out raking and dragging huge branches and limps out of the yard 2 different neighbors at 2 different times walked by "getting their steps in." I would have had a little more kindness in my heart if they were walking a dog but- nope. How kind it would have been if instead of walking around in circles to get their exercise they had offered to help rake for 30 minutes. 

It was a reminder to me that we have been gifted these physical bodies in part so that we can accomplish physical tasks. And it's really kind of silly that the gyms are full (not in our community- they have no power) with folks running on tread mills while they may have neighbors that could really use some physical help.
So your bonus challenge for this week is to find some type of physical service to give to someone. Something where you use your body. It can be any service that you don't normally do. So to earn the 35 bonus points you can sweep a neighbor's porch, walk their dog,  wash their windows or their car or help rake a neighbor's lawn. Or you can help your own family members as long as it's a task that isn't normally on your list. Clean out part of the garage, change your daughter's bed (if that is normally on her list), clean out your husband's car and wash it or mow the lawn. 

I'm not going to designate exactly what you do or how long you spend doing it but I want you to give some type of service that is not on your normal to-do list for someone else-- that requires getting physical. If you give some type of physical service this week you can claim the 35 weekly bonus points. 

And of course you can count the minutes spent giving physical service toward your daily exercise minutes. 

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