I don't want to be a fat rat!

This week’s challenge is one that we haven’t tried in previous rounds. It involves time restricted eating. The idea is to restrict your eating into a certain period of time, usually being 12 hours. So you look at the clock when you eat your first bite of food for the day (or drink your first swig of juice or smoothie) and again at the time you take your last bite in the evening and it must all occur within a 12 hour window. During the other 12 hours you don’t take in ANY thing but water.

Recent studies done on mice showed that if they ate throughout the 24 hours of a day they showed increases in obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Cancer. Strangely the study showed that it did no matter WHAT or HOW MUCH they ate but WHEN they ate was crucial. Mice in the study that ate the same food but were on time-restriction had 28% less body mass and 70% less fat. Now of course the quality and amount of food you eat matters. But time restriction alone has a huge impact on health.

·       The mice studied in this program when put on time restricted eating had an increase in lean body mass which was caused by an increase in Nicotimamide Ribose, which creates more NAD. And more NAD gives more ATP. ATP is the main energy source of our body and boosts our energy level. In addition time restricted eating increases endurance, increases brown fat tissue and increases mitochondria activity.

I know this is probably sounding super scientificy (made up word) but this is interesting stuff. If you are interested in more information listen to this podcast or do a google search. There is a lot of information on these healthy living strategy.

·      And you may be interesting in downloading an APP that can be helpful in your goal to eat less hours each day. The APP is mycircadianclock.org

·       So starting Wednesday make a plan to do what you can. For our competition if you can restrict ALL eating to a 12 hour period you can claim our 5 daily bonus points. If you can restrict it to even less hours per day even better. And as always please contact me if you have health issues that do not allow such restriction. I often provide alternate challenges to those that cannot participate in our challenge for the week. Happy to do it.


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