Starting with a clean slate

And here we are again! Some are new to our healthy living challenge and some have participated several times in the past. But we all step forward this week together. We weigh ourselves and take our measurements (and hide this info in a safe place) and we begin to be accountable for our health choices once again.

Each week you will look here (I usually gave the new blog post up by Sunday to give you time to grocery shop if needed) for our weekly bonus challenge. And this week it is the following.

FOR EVERYONE: (No matter how many times you have competed.)
1. Read or re-read the FAQ's and RULES tabs on the blogs site
2. Weigh yourself and take your measurements
3. Begin logging onto every day to record what you eat and drink.
4. Contact your partner every day this week and remind them of one reason YOU want to make healthier choices.

1. Join and friend at least 3 ladies to be support to you. (You can find names in the header for out healthy living group)

And if you do the above you can claim the 5 daily bonus points for a total of 35 points this week

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